A downloadable game

This game is now being released on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1086180/Vestige_of_the_Past/?beta=0

Thanks to everyone that checked it out here!

Alpha 0.6

Please note that all of the text is currently in the game, but only the first 4 chapters have art. More music and art will be coming.

v0.6 (2018-07-05):

  • Added a bit of artwork
  • Reworked the music

v0.5 includes:

- A quick fix to a lot of the broken dialogue in the optional dialogue scenes

v0.4 includes:
- Dialogue for all 10 chapters
- Additional optional dialogue scenes in chapters 1, 4, and 7


This is a visual novel set in a medieval fantasy world with furry characters. It is shown from a 3rd-person point of view and takes place over 10 chapters. This is entirely a self-funded hobby project, and I would appreciate any feedback you may have.


Tayna awakes to find herself captive, and apparently not being aware of what has happened during the last 5 years of her life.


Artist - Aogami

Writer - Amethyst Mare

Composer - Sean Garavan

Development log


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I just binged the whole thing, this is amazing and I will definitely be picking up the steam release! If there are ever any plans to continue the story further I will definitely be supporting that development as well!

Thanks so much! That means a lot to me! <3

This was... one of the best things I've read in years. I've honestly not been this emotionally invested in a story in a LONG time. Is there a patreon or something that I could contribute to? This is the kind of amazing work that I would want to support.


That's super kind of you, thank you! I'm planning on a Steam release later in the year once all of the music and art is finished.

Two hours in. chapter five? And already I think it's Golden. Only main problem I see, is the fact that it's not finished yet. And that what bugs me. Going from immersive visuals to a sudden black screen in chapter 5 kinda broke it. And with the MS Paint images at the start of Chapter 5, it made it seem like she was dreaming, and not actually escaping like what she is actually doing. And seeing how this was made two years ago... makes me think that there will never be a complete version.


I really appreciate your feedback! Progress is slow, but is continuing. Next update I'll be sure to stop the game before we get to chapters with unfinished assets.

OH SHIT A REPLY, was not expecting one actually. And stopping the game seems a bit. meh, for people who only care about the story and can continue without visuals. maybe it would be best to plane an in-game screen, saying "Visuals comming soon. Not avalible past this point." So that people can read onwards if the choose so. The MS Paint made it seem like she was in a dream and threw me off guard the further I read through. Also, Great to know that this is still being worked on!